If you’ve ever woken up and immediately felt a headache and a sore jaw, you may be suffering from bruxism, or simply put, teeth grinding.

Bruxism is a medical term to explain forceful clenching or teeth grinding during sleep. However, some people even do it during the day, especially when they find themselves in stressful situations. When left ignored, it can cause teeth to crack or break from the wear and tear of grinding.

If you have a case of bruxism, you might do it with the help of mouth night guards.

What Are Mouth Night guards?

Nightguards, also known as bite splints, occlusal guards, or simply mouthguards, are a rigid piece that covers the teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. Night guards help cushion teeth from grinding or clenching, thus preventing damaged teeth, inflamed gums, and headaches.

Night Guards are an effective solution to the damaging effects of bruxism, but you will have to deal with another dilemma; choosing a custom-made night guard or the store-bought option.

While a store-bought night guard is a lot cheaper compared, a custom night guard provides more bang for your buck since it’s customized for an accurate fit. Let’s take a look at more reasons why custom night guards are a better alternative to store-bought night guards. Reach out to Teeth Night Guard Lab to get yourself a custom night guard.

1. A Custom Night Guard Is Specially Designed for an Accurate Fit

Custom night guards are designed to fit your teeth to provide a comfy, snug fit. A visit to your dentist will have them take an impression of your teeth and send it to a lab where the night guard will be fabricated according to your dentition.

The only downside is that the process can take a few weeks and could mean a few additional visits to the dental office since the dentist may have to make an adjustment or two.

Store-bought night guards, however, may fit your teeth well, but they won’t provide a secure fit as well as a custom night guard. In some cases, the fit is so loose that users often find their mouthguards out of their mouths and on the pillows or sheets when they wake up.

2. Custom Night Guards Are More Durable

Custom night guards are made from a high-grade plastic material known as thermoplastic. Thermoplastic ensures the night guards last for a much longer time – usually up to three years or longer.

Store-bought night guards, in contrast, are often made of pliable plastic. The material usually wears out quickly because of its thin, delicate nature and requires replacement every three to six months.

3. Custom Night Guards Provide More Flexibility in Product Options

With custom night guards, you’ll have the option of choosing the rigidity of your mouthguard depending on the severity of your bruxism. You can get either a softer, rubbery night guard or a rigid one if you’re a hard clencher. You can also get a hybrid one that has a hard exterior but is soft on the inside.

Additionally, your dentist will assess your dentition and inform you if you should have an upper or lower night guard.

Store-bought night guards come in two options; boil and bite and one-size-fits-all. One-size-fits-all are designed for every mouth right while boil and bite guards need to be placed in hot boiling water. The heat helps mold the mouthguard to form an impression of your dentition as it hardens.

To Sum It Up

A custom night guard will cost more than a store-bought mouthguard, but they are well worth the cost when you consider the comfort, reliability, and durability of the materials used. However, a store-bought night guard will have you trying out different brands and sizes until you find one that’s most suitable for your needs.