Sleep deprivation and pregnancy go hand in hand. People often warn moms to be about how they won’t get sleep once the baby is born, but the reality is that the sleep deprivation sets in beforehand.

The third trimester, in particular, is challenging to get enough rest. And you’ll need that rest to handle the workload that is soon to come.

Of course, there are ways to boost your energy, but getting the right amount of rest is the ideal solution to preventing sleep deprivation.

In this article, we will go over some of the products that sleep science experts by SleepMoment recommends that you really need to have to get enough rest throughout your pregnancy. Many of them will still serve you well after the baby is born, too.

The right bed

The right bed

You should be changing mattresses every five to eight years anyway, so if you are in the market for a new one and also pregnant, then this is an ideal time for an upgrade. 

The right mattress will help you sleep by giving you support in the areas where you need it while also providing comfort. Many women face back pain in the third trimester, so a memory foam mattress is ideal.

Edema or swelling of the feet is also very common. Look into an adjustable bed to be able to raise your feet to reduce or prevent swelling. An adjustable bed by Ghostbed is an excellent choice since you can put a memory foam mattress over the base. 

Maternity pillows

If you already have a mattress, you like then add some maternity pillows to the mix. There are many options for pillows from wedges to full body. They all do one thing well, which is to prop up areas of your body that need support. 

A wedge pillow can be used between your legs to relieve the pressure off of your knees and hips. They can also be used under your belly to prevent pressure on your back.

A full body pillow can be wrapped around you to give you a cushion on your back, between your legs or under your belly. 

some of the air foam pillows will do double duty by acting as a nurse pillow once the baby arrives

Nasal strips

Your pregnancy hormones can cause you to have cold symptoms like a stuffy nose. Use some nasal strips to prevent snoring and make sure you are getting enough oxygen during the night.

Even if you don’t snore, they definitely make a difference by allowing your breathing to be fuller and deeper, which will help you sleep more deeply.


Essential oils can help calm your mind. If you are often worrying or at least thinking too deeply about what happens next when the baby comes, then this will help reduce any anxiety you may be having.

You can use a spritz bottle to spray your pillow with lavender, chamomile, and valerian oils to put your mind in a more meditative state. 

Alternatively, you can use a diffuser to fill your room with your preferred scent to help you sleep. 

These oils can help to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature, which are also necessary to help you sleep besides to calm your mind.