Learn different methods to raise and maintain your core body temperature, which will help with cold environments.

Importance of a Good Core Body Temperature

Most individuals maintain a body core temperature of 37 °C to keep efficient metabolic activity within the body. However, the body’s temperature is also essential for preserving the body’s tissue mechanics because viscoelastic materials (like tissue) are susceptible to temperature.

Even a small rise of temperature by 1 or 2 ° C in the body can be dangerous as it may cause tissues to become noticeably softer. Temperatures above 5 ° C on average can cause denaturing of proteins permanently, affecting the body’s metabolic processes and structures.

Along with this, low temperatures can stiffen the body’s tissues, leading to many menacing results.

Things You Need to Do to Maintain Core Body Temperature

Just like how a good and quick cool-down is required after a long steamy run, a maintained core body temperature is essential to have a proper operative body. The enzymes present in our body are responsible for the fast metabolic rate of all processes in our body, and they require an optimum of 37˚C to function in full potential.

Weight Control and Temperature Training

Our body performs homeostasis (maintaining the natural conditions of the body) every time it is met by a unique environment that can hinder the body’s conditions. This process can theoretically help you lose weight.

Daily exposure to moderately cold air can help individuals lose weight as the body tries to maintain its core temperature by using up energy breaking down carbohydrates.

 For those of you who intend to lose weight, warm cozy environments are not the best fit,; instead, they have proven to play a role in increasing obesity. Todd Pittman weight loss also agrees that maintaining your body’s core temperature helps in weight loss.

Exercise to Increase Core Temperature

Exercise is a must as it will also help increase your core body temperature to boost your muscle temperature. Although some wrongly claim and may argue that increased body temperature enhances the efficiency and outcomes of exercise.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that a temperature rise amplifies the effect of exercise on the body, however, it does upsurge the core temperature, which is a key to a healthy working body.

Your Body Temperature Shouldn’t Be Too High

After a heavy load of exercise, it is normal for your body to produce sweat as the sweat acts as a moisture barrier that helps cool your body by extracting the body heat to evaporate. This phenomenon is also why you see sweat being produced from exercise, even on a cold day.

This sweating process will decrease the temperature of your body. It is crucial to dry off the sweat and wear dry clothes as soon as possible to counteract this effect.

Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated

If you feel too hot, go ahead and drink a cold glass of water. Water helps cool down the body, but it is also very beneficial when your body temperature becomes too low. If you are both cold and dehydrated, the body expels water with every breath. This is why it is important to remain hydrated to provide sufficient amounts of fluid to the body.

When cold air enters the body, water helps by changing it into warm air, and this increases your core temperature. We should all cultivate the habit of drinking eight glasses of water every day and 7 to 10 Oz of water if you perform any strenuous exercise for 10 to 20 minutes.

If You are Too Thin, Gaining Weight May be a Good Idea

As odd as it sounds, acquiring a higher body fat percentage helps keep your body sequestered and increases your core temperature. So if you are on the thinner side, consider gaining some weight, even though it may not sound like a healthy practice.

You can also indulge in outdoor activities like sports and marathons during the cold season. This will help you maintain that high core temperature.

Shivering Can Be Helpful

If you feel the chills and want to shiver, don’t battle the process. Allow your body to quiver. This physical process of shivering increases the body’s minute muscle movement and thus raises the core temperature. Even though it is incredibly annoying and all you want to do is get under a blanket. It is your body’s way of naturally increasing the temperature.

So don’t fight it. Let it happen.

What’s The Hustle About Body Temperature

As most people already know, our temperature is one of the most vital indicators for assessing the efficiency and well-being of our body. . The first thing that every doctor assesses is your body’s temperature. It’s necessary to understand that body temperature is a crucial aspect that should be known to everyone.

Body temperature is an evaluation of how heat is produced and lost by your body. The blood vessels present under your skin can inflate as it rises to disperse the extra heat to its surface. This is known as sweating when the body releases water that evaporates.

Equally, our blood vessels become constricted when the body’s temperature decreases, descending the blood flow to the skin to preserve heat, which is why we shiver. This happens to be an intuitive reaction from your muscles designed to aid and produce more heat for your system and rewarm the blood.

Now That You Know, You Can Live a Healthier Life

The bottom line is, a well-maintained core temperature is essential to allow yourself to have a life and a fully functional body. It is an excellent life choice. It will keep you fit for a long time and help your ability to do daily chores.

So let’s all make a change in our lifestyle that will help us secure a better future!