Choosing childcare is a tough decision to make. Regardless of your reason, you’re leaving your child to be looked after by another person for significant amounts of time. This means that you need someone who will keep to your routines and your child’s needs. This is often when your child is still young, and at a crucial part of their development, so it’s worth making an effort with the decision. There are many different options, with two popular options being nanny and nursery.

Nannies or Nurseries

A Nanny

Nannies are a good choice for anyone that would prefer for their child to be looked after in their own home rather than have them go somewhere else. Depending on your budget and where you look, you’ll find nannies with varying amounts of experience and qualifications, which you can check online. 

The benefit of hiring a nanny is that you can be very flexible with whoever you employ. As you’re choosing someone to hire, you can be clear about your working hours and when they will be needed. This may be only once or twice a week, or it may be almost every day. If you work in a shift pattern or outside of the 9-5, then this could be a great option rather than a nursery with fixed hours. In addition, your nanny may be able to help with dropping off and picking up your children, which can be very useful.

The negatives of hiring a nanny for some may start with the price. When you’re hiring someone, you’ll have to pay them a full wage, and this may not be cheap. You’ll also have to pay for their expenses if they take your children out and for petrol. Another thing to consider is your child’s social life. You’ll need to make sure that your nanny is taking your child out to events with other children, so they can play and make friends.

A Nursery

Nurseries are ideal if you need somewhere for your child to go if you need a few hours in the day to work or take care of other jobs. A nursery like Green Valley Childcare generally has a group of children under school age and a number of professionals that look after them and provide education and other benefits. 

A good reason to choose a nursery is that they can prepare your child for school and teach social skills. As they are with a group of children the same age as them that may be going to the same school like them, it gives them a chance to make friends and learn how to play. In addition, you’re not reliant on one person. If a nanny becomes sick, you’ll have to scramble to find a replacement.

Nurseries can be expensive, though, and regardless of how many days your child goes, you’ll have to pay a fixed fee each semester. Also, if your child is in regular contact with a big group, they may be more likely to become sick.