Dependency on drugs and alcohol has a major negative impact on our lives from our homes to work life. Even worse, getting poor treatment can lead to much worse effects and takes individuals several steps back from recovery. Harmony Place Monterey offers different programs that ensure successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Effective Behavioral therapy

Harmony Place Mark Schwartz is dedicated to offering effective psychotherapy treatments to all its patients. Individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction are guaranteed an effective traditional psychotherapy treatment. The therapy focuses on the social, behavioral, developmental, and emotional issues for them and tries to mitigate them.

Furthermore, individuals may be having irritating beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be affecting them. Traditional therapy checks on the root cause of such problems and works on treating them for a better recovery process. Therefore, individuals are addressed as a whole, as well as underlying issues that could affect treatment.

Consistent Medication

Harmony Place Monterey is equipped with an effective medication management system that ensures consistency in treatment. Along with other treatments, medication is important in addressing addictions. With effective medication, they can easily detoxify the patient’s system from drugs and alcohol.

Furthermore, keeping track of medication can be a hectic task, especially when taking several of them. Therefore, patients may end up not taking their drugs on time, forgetting the drugs, or them not taking the drugs at all. The effective medication management team in Harmony Place Monterey ensures that drugs are taken on time.

Relapse Prevention

One behavior in drug and alcohol addiction treatment is relapse. It can occur at any stage of the treatment and usually has drastic effects on the individuals. Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place will use recommended medications to avoid the occurrence of relapse.

They offer medication that helps to re-establish the normal functioning of the brain and avoid cravings that lead to relapse. They focus on addressing relapse as an important obstacle in the attempt for the recovery process, with their advanced preparation, Harmony Place Monterey guarantees, and effective relapse prevention strategy for their patients.

Holistic Interventions.

Drugs and alcohol addiction is complex diseases which if not addressed, effectively lead to other complications. Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place offers an ideal environment that cares for their patients’ emotional, physical, and mental well being. Also, the individual physical state is considered as an essential aspect of recovery.

Furthermore, a lack of a stable spiritual ground is also one factor that leads to drug and alcohol addiction. Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz offers addiction treatment while looking at such angles of life. With a holistic approach, all the psychological and physical needs of the individuals are addressed effectively.

Life Counseling.

Along with therapy and other forms of addiction treatment, life coaching is effective in addressing the underlying causes of addiction. Sudden changes in life, such as stress, family issues, and bad influence can lead to a relapse. Individuals must be coached in how to handles such situations to avoid cases of relapse.

Harmony Place Mark Schwartz equips recovering addicts with life skills that would be essential after successful treatment. The individuals are taught how to handle the basic day to day challenges of life as part of their treatment. As a result, these individual boasts of skills essential for having a smooth transition into society and enjoying after-treatment life.

With the various programs offered and mostly in a personalized manner, Harmony Place Monterey guarantees positive results from their treatment. They offer consistency in all their functions hence reducing cases of relapse by their patients. Harmony Place Monterey is the ideal place for an effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment.